September 10, 2015  —  by

Wearable tech: Apple Watch Hermès

credit: Apple

As part of its September Event, Apple has announced a limited edition Apple Watch, produced in partnership with French luxury house Hermès.

Although prices are yet to be announced, the Apple Watch Hermès will come in three signature Hermès styles: the single tour, double tour and cuff. The luxury smartwatch showcases the best of both brands, through the heritage craftsmanship of hand-stitched Hermès leather bands united with innovative Apple technology. The watch will also feature an exclusive Hermès-branded interface.

Apple’s surprise announcement comes at an important time for wearable technology. Despite the commercial success of smartwatches and wearables like the Fitbit Flex, technology companies have struggled to successfully market their products as covetable fashion items. The combined goal of the fashion and technology industries remains to create wearables which are desirable luxury fashion items in their own right.

The partnership between Apple and Hermès, both leaders in their respective industries, marks significant progress in realising this goal. By no means is the Apple Watch Hermès a remarkable feat of design; rather, it proposes a starting point from which bigger and better fashion-oriented wearables might develop. If Apple and Hermès have achieved anything, it is to affirm the boundless potential for seamlessly combining fashion and technology.