September 2, 2015  —  by

New kind of exhibition: Snapchat

credit: The Creators Project / Sami Emory / Harper's Bazaar

If Facebook is where your parents live, and Instagram and Twitter where millennials hang, Snapchat is where kids of Generation Z have gone to seek refuge. The app, which made its debut in 2011, initially attracted teens who wanted their own place in the universe to send everything from silly scribbles to salacious sexts, knowing that they would be purged within seconds.

Today, it’s become the most relevant social media platform that’s available. Free from intuitive features that readily hand over information into a newsfeed or a home page, the platform isn’t the easiest ones to learn. Which makes it cool—like a secret club—for only those “in the know” to understand.

The Art industry is now full involved in this social media tool. This Is It/Nowis the first ever Snapchat Photography Exhibition. Curated by the alliteratively-named team Paul Paper and Max Marshall, the six-week show is viewable on the app via the username thisisitnowshow. Each week, an artist takes control of the account, producing and sharing original photos and videos which incorporate the app’s rudimentary photo-editing functions and doodling and Emoji additions.

The exhibition, which began on August 3, is now in its fourth stage with artist Ruth van Beek behind the screen. Before van Beek came the works of Nico KrijnoRoxana Azar, and Sergiy Barchuk. Up next, beginning on the 31st, is Lonneke van der Palen. The show closes on September 12, after seven days of several second works by David Brandon Geetingand panel discussion at SIGNAL Gallery—chock-full of artists, critics, writers, and editors.