March 18, 2015  —  by

David Altmejd, a box of wonders

credit: David Altmejd

For David Altmejd, everything is connected. And through connection comes complexity. The Canadian sculptor, who has been working for more than 20 years, has developed a fantasy world that breaths from reality and evolves into something only our imagination can answer. Or maybe not even that.

Because, as Altmejd says, why should art be reduced to the communication of meaning? There is a certain attraction to those things we can’t quite understand. Marching the narrow line that separates dreams from nightmares, he has built a childish universe, a coherent body of work that still doesn’t come as an answer to our more rational selves. It conquers the rough yet beautiful boldness of those artists who aim to break the limitations that surround them.

It comes as a paradox though, especially after seeing how well organized and detailed some of his pieces are. You just have to dive into the architectural plexiglass boxes, imagined still lives that incorporate symmetrical choreographies to their narrative. Through a perfect organization, Altmejd defies our ability to just understand, and like Lynch or Cronenberg did before him, he forces us to connect the dots however we want. We create our own logic, and it is as valid as the one before us.

Flux’, David Altmejd’s latest exhibition, can be seen until May 31st at the MUDAM.